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Revive Hope Africa is a not-for-profit organization (registered charity) committed to respond to the needs of the most disadvantaged rural communities and refugees in African countries. We have a passionate desire and willingness to revive their hope and empower them so that they achieve sustainable and thriving economic and environmental powers.

A large number of children in African are facing huge life challenges on daily basis. More than a third of children in Africa are consistently exposed to the risk of serious health problems due mainly to malnutrition. Millions of children are vulnerable, orphaned, impoverished and become homeless at their early ages. Some of them even face enormous responsibilities to take care of their siblings. Proper education is out of their reach as they commit most of their time to sustain their and their siblings' lives. Through our project coordinators and volunteer community social groups in Ethiopia, we facilitate a support mechanism to enable elementary school children successfully attend their classes. We also facilitate sustainable provision of basic needs such as accommodation, food, clothing and school supplies. Particular emphasis is placed on enabling young girls not only to access basic education but also help them complete their elementary and secondary schools to the same extent to their male peers.

The selection process:

·       Participants are identified through a number of means, including the rural schools themselves, the school boards, local agencies who support women and children, and teachers’ associations who maintain a database of the poorest students.  These are all groups who are willing to cooperate with us. In conjunction with our volunteer project coordinator, school aged children from extremely impoverished families from these communities are identified for this support, based on the criteria set out by Revive Hope. 

·       Each child’s situation/story is initially reviewed by the selection committee, which consists of the above volunteer social groups. A robust process is in place whereby each child’s situation is documented, and 3 witnesses must attest in writing to the child’s situation.  This ensures accountability in the process.  Children are then prioritized by greatest level of need (e.g., subsistence living) and gender to ensure a minimum of 50% are girls.  

·       The selection committee sends the relevant documentation and makes recommendations to the Board; final selections are made by the Board once a year before the beginning of the school year in September.

·       Children will be selected based on greatest level of need and potential impact for themselves and their families, as identified through the process. 

Once the school-aged children are in the program, they will be supported for the entire year and reassessed their needs every year until they complete their high school. This will provide them the foundation to stay in school longer term, thus affording them opportunities out of poverty for themselves and their families.  Funding will be used to provide adequate clothing (school uniform), school supplies, food and portable solar lights for completing homework. Without these basic necessities, children are not able to attend school. Focusing on children to reduce poverty also provides multi-generational hope for communities.


Funding was and will continue to be dispersed three times per school year. Our project coordinator working with local partners (i.e., volunteers, school officials) is required to send status reports as well as accounting for the funds received for the above intended purposes. As the Board has a fiduciary and financial duty to ensure funds are spent appropriately, the project coordinator sends a quarterly income and expense report, as well as an operational progress report on the status of the children enrolled in the program. If the reports are received in a timely manner and any questions are resolved, then the next quarterly amount will be dispersed. 


Refugee sponsorship:

It is daunting for any rational person to helplessly watch the news when refugees were either drowned, eaten by wild animals, killed by smugglers or assailed by local xenophobia. In response to social demands, we reached out to members of the community who are well-educated and have experience in the sponsorship process. We formed a passionate, dedicated 100% volunteer run sponsorship team.

By spreading the news at churches, social clubs and community-based businesses, many accept and embrace our contribution. This sparked a teamwork marching towards a common goal. RHA leveraged key resources from RSTP to raise awareness of the Private Sponsorship of Refugee program and addressed social challenges. With collective community efforts and engaging cosponsors, we were able to raise funds for newcomers’ settlement and sponsored many refugees. Our free service is open to anyone in BC who would like to sponsor refugees and will soon be available nationally.
RHA has set a mechanism to follow up closely on pre/post arrivals of new comers to make sure proper support is in place. Working with Service Provider Organizations (SPOs) for settlement assistance, every sponsored refugee will have the tools they need to live safely and independently in their new community.

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At Revive Hope Africa, we are dedicated to helping children and their families. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our organization, please don't hesitate to contact us using the form.

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