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Who we are?
Revive Hope Africa is a not-for-profit organization (Registered charity) 100% run by volunteers who committed on life-changing humanitarian works in the Horn of Africa.

Where we work?
Due to limited resources, currently we are only working in Ethiopia. There are 13 million Ethiopian children who live in poor households, 2 million of whom live in extreme poverty.  Only about 16% of youth attend secondary school.

What we do?
Our mission is:

​To facilitated basic needs such as uniform, food and school supplies and enable them to successfully attend their classes.

To provide portable solar lights for rural students to help them study and do their home works

To help refugees get durable solution through independent sponsorship groups and joint sponsorship schemes. For further info, please visit our website:


Highlights of our work.

  1. 100% Volunteer-Run & Overhead-Free: Revive Hope Africa (RHA) operates entirely with volunteers and has no overhead costs, ensuring that every donation directly benefits the causes we support.

  2. Efficient Cost Management: RHA has maintained management and administration costs at less than 1.1% on a three-year average, demonstrating a commitment to maximizing resources for our mission.

  3. Educational Impact: In the current school year, RHA has made education accessible to 265 underprivileged children in 7 rural communities of Ethiopian, offering them opportunities for a brighter future.

  4. Support for Additional Children: Beyond our regular beneficiaries, RHA has extended a helping hand to 422 impoverished children, assisting them with essential needs such as food and school supplies.

  5. Refugee Community Sponsorship: RHA is making a significant difference in the lives of 123 refugees through community sponsorship, providing them with support and opportunities for a fresh start.

  6. Financial Stability: Working in collaboration with cosponsors, RHA has successfully collected $1.1 million, securely stored in a trust account, to aid sponsored refugees in their smooth settlement process in Canada.

  7. Youth Volunteer Development: RHA actively inspires and trains youth volunteers within our community, nurturing them to become the future leaders of our charity. This investment in youth has led to The Youth Wing proudly sponsoring 21 disadvantaged kids which inspires not only our community but also far beyond, showcasing the power of dedicated young leaders in making a positive impact.


How you can help?

Join us in our effort to revive hope for the most disadvantaged children who never get a chance to enjoy their childhood and denied the privileges of basic education.
On average $200.00 CAD could cover the cost of one meal a day, school material, and school uniform for one child for one school year. Every dollar you donate will help us fight extreme child poverty.


  • Cheque/money order (payable to Revive Hope Africa)

  • Online donation by PayPal/Credit card (

  • Interac e-transfer (in Canada only - use )

  • Direct TransferAccount #: 16370  809  10100077042054



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Registered Charity Number : 70469 8521 RR0001

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