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Revive Hope Africa (Revive Hope East Africa Society) is conceived by a group of compassionate and empathetic individuals who are committed to help the most disadvantaged communities in African countries. The project team is seriously concerned about the ever worsening economic, environmental and social problems in the continent and dedicated to mitigate poverty to the most vulnerable children and their family. A significant portion of the rural communities of African countries are still struggling to secure sustainable access to daily dietary needs, basic education, reasonable health care facilities, clean drinking water and safe living environment. The intensifying climatic odds and rapidly rising human population in the region immensely challenge efforts directed at reversing social and economic problems.

Our motivation comes from our deepest concerns for underprivileged people who are desperately struggling to support and subsist their families. We have a passionate desire and willingness to revive their hope and empower them so that they achieve sustainable and thriving economic and environmental powers. We work through our Project Coordinators in partnership with schools, Teachers’ Associations, School Boards, local agencies who support women and children, religious organizations as well as relief and development agencies. We select these volunteer partners based on their reputations and work ethics that match our visions and help us successfully achieve our objectives. Our working relationship is grounded in mutual respect, trust and accountability where all support programs are prioritized and implemented in unbiased and transparent way regardless of the political and religious beliefs of the target communities.

Millions of refugees are currently stranded in refugee camps across African countries. They are unwilling to repatriate to their homeland or unable to integrate in the host countries due to hostile political and social encounters. Not only are their dreams shadowed in getting a durable solution but they are also exposed to periodic violent clashes from local extremist groups and armed gangs. In an effort to seek a durable solution thousands of refugees were either drowned, eaten by wild animals, killed by smugglers, or murdered for their organs. RHA is committed to help the refugees in Africa by engaging cosponsors, who are usually relatives or friends of refugees, and facilitate their sponsorship process under the PSR program. We also provide settlement and settlement-related support services to refugees.

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