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Ephrem Mekonnen

As graduate student, a volunteer and RHA Youth Wing Coordinator, I am witnessing the excitement of all team members on the progress of this organization. We feel blessed to contribute our part for the great cause and learned a lifetime lesson to live our life with purpose. Acknowledging RHA’s significant contribution will keep them motivated and help in fostering the spirit of volunteerism in our society. The Team’s tenacity and amazing dedication to the cause is exemplary.

Revivehope Logo-10.png

Tigist Asrate

Additional support, recognition and funds from government and donors will help continue the hard work Revive Hope has put in place. As a young adult in the community, I have seen first-hand the importance of a non-profit such as Revive Hope. Growing up in the community young adults and youths are always looking for an opportunity to help give back to their community. Revive Hope allows us to find that outlet and continue the hard work others have put in place before us, so that the mission of Revive Hope stays alive.

Revivehope Logo-10.png

Belay Derza Gaga (PhD)

RHA inspired many communities by providing volunteer services to address child poverty, education, and immigration help. Personally, I am fully committed to doing my best to support RHA’s programs. I think recognizing the great services of RHA will promote a culture of volunteerism in our community. It fosters a genuine sense of accomplishment, enhances self- esteem, diminishes depression and anxiety, and can have a valuable, positive impact on society at large.

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